Where does the journey begin

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Where does the journey begin

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The journey begins with your intention. If there is a firm intention, and an urgent need to travel, then everything will work out properly on the material level. And the finances are, and the circumstances are favorable. The world always and in everything goes towards you.

Question number 1 in the formation of the trip - your personal preferences. Someone does not accept a trip to Asia, because they think that there is hellish trash and unsanitary conditions, which, in general, is not far from the truth :-). To some, Europe seems boring, too orderly and refined. One likes to walk in the mountains, another likes a beach holiday, the third likes excursions to all kinds of sights and museums. Personally, I like all of the above, and I try to combine all these types of tourism, if possible. For example, it's not bad to complete trekking in the mountains with a few days' rest at sea. Or dilute a sightseeing trip around the cities with trekking to mountain lakes.
Question number 2 - the budget that you can afford in a given period of time. It depends on which country you can visit, and in what style to travel (with a suitcase, or a backpack; come to pre-booked hotels, or sleep in a tent in nature, etc.).
Having decided on our preferences and budget, we form a travel route and book a flight or transfer (for example, for India and EU countries, you can purchase train tickets and some buses via the Internet, which is very convenient). For the countries of Southeast Asia, flights and transfers are a significant part of the budget, which cannot be said about the countries of Europe.

Think over the route of the hike, or excursions to cities and sights. An excellent resource for this is the Lonely Planet guidebooks http://www.lonelyplanet.com/. And travel blogs. And also Google maps to help you.
Explore all options for flights, transfers, accommodation.
Large and popular tourist countries such as India, Thailand, USA, Italy, and others have international airports in all their major cities. Therefore, do not go in cycles only in capital cities, or a direct flight.
Then explore the options for moving within the country: plane, train, bus. From my own experience, I can say that you can buy tickets for trains and some bus routes in India and in the EU countries from home, via the Internet. In European countries, this is not particularly relevant, because there you can buy tickets right on the day of departure, well, as a rule. Sometimes trains run half-empty, although not in all directions.
But for India it is very important. Since the trains there are packed almost always, in all directions. Regardless of the class of the wagon. Of course, the sub is a bunch of miles, this is India. Everything is possible, and depends only on the state of your karma and mood.
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