How to survive the heat while traveling

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How to survive the heat while traveling

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My rules for survival, and normal functioning in the heat, are extremely simple.

1 rule. Do not wander through the sultry streets from 11.00 to 17.00. And if you do wander, then on the shady side, better in the park, or near the water. Under a wide-brimmed hat, in light flowing clothes, and in open, flat shoes. With a bottle of fresh water, just water, not sprite, cola or other such filth.

2. You need to get up early, after all, so that at dawn you can go on business, on excursions. And at lunch - a warm shower and a daytime siesta in the room, preferably with air conditioning, or at least with a fan.

3. In hot weather, you should eat fruits and vegetables, low-fat fish and seafood, sour-milk products, cheeses. Less fatty, starchy, sweet, yes, and in general it is better to limit the amount of food consumed. Alcohol is better to completely eliminate, or use very little.

4. Clothes suitable for natural, light, light fabrics, no squeezing elements, such as belts, elastic bands, tight pants, etc.

5. You can squeeze a little lemon or lime juice into drinking water. Mineral water is better to choose without gas. In some cities, such as Rome, and other cities in Italy, Dubrovnik in Croatia, you can safely drink water from special drinking fountains on the streets.

6. It is better to do without cosmetics, or its very minimum. Black blurry circles around the eyes look extremely unaesthetic. Do not give the delicate skin of the face an extra load, it is already unsweetened in the heat.

7. Thermal water is a good help in hot dry weather for the skin of the face and neck.

8. In the heat, you should not be physically overloaded. No running. Calm meditative walks, swimming - our everything.

9. I’m not too lazy to remind you again: for how long and wherever you go in the heat, you need to take a supply of drinking water with you. At extreme temperatures, plastic bottles should not be used. In them, the water becomes completely unusable under the influence of heat. If there is a special flask that keeps the temperature cool, it is better to collect water in it, or in a glass bottle. Sometimes it becomes necessary to share water, not only with people, but also with animals. As we did in Petra. I had to give water from the palm of the cat, which somehow ended up near the ruins, where rarely anyone wanders.

10. If you are alone and feel completely uneasy, go to the nearest cafe. There, as a rule, air conditioners or fans work, you can sit and come to your senses. If necessary, ask for necessary medical attention. Try not to bring your body to the limit of endurance, listen to it.

Happy travels everyone!
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