Antalya in November

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Antalya in November

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Flights: Kiev-Istanbul-Antalya-Istanbul-Kiev.
In Istanbul, I flew to the international terminal of Ataturk Airport. Here you need to go through the formalities, then follow the signs to move to the domestic terminal. From which flights are operated within Turkey. From the domestic terminal I fly to Antalya.
Baggage can be checked in from Kiev to Antalya. It does not need to be picked up upon arrival at the international terminal in Istanbul, then again handed over at the domestic, as one of the girls at the baggage check-in in Kiev tried to disorient me.

At Antalya Airport, if you and your luggage arrived with transfers, then you need to pick up your luggage in a separate hall for transfer passengers. You have to go there according to special orange signs, everything is obvious and understandable. From Antalya, I also checked in luggage to Kiev. Although I was worried that there were different airlines and different arrival and departure terminals, everything was ok.

I love Turkey. An interesting country, comfortable for traveling, friendly to tourists.

I arrived in Antalya late in the evening. It was raining warmly, and distant rumbles of thunder could be heard. The air is delicious, fragrant, clean. But after a day on flights, I couldn’t even think about walking, I could only force myself to take a shower, unpack my things, and fell asleep.

But the next day I fully enjoyed the contemplation of the Mediterranean Sea, walking in the parks near the Lower Duden waterfall, eating baklava, and drinking pomegranate juice.
here the river turns into a waterfall
here the river turns into a waterfall
night waterfall
night waterfall
Regarding the weather: in the morning it was pleasantly fresh, maybe +18, or +20. And during the day it's hot, really hot, sunny and windless. You can and should walk in summer clothes and shoes. Sunglasses and a hat are also required (for those who do not need an extra tan on their face).

I lived in the Lara area. From there, you can get to the old city by bus number 8, or see any bus that says Lara or Terracity. Terracity is a large shopping center in Lara. Clothes are cheaper there than in our stores.

You can also take a taxi everywhere. Here they are inexpensive and go by the meter. Taxi can be called by pressing a special button. These buttons are located throughout the city. There are drawn cars, written bodies. In general, it is obvious that this is a button for calling a taxi. You press the button and within a minute or two, a car pulls up. I have never seen anything like this, except Antalya. A very handy thing. A taxi to the airport cost me 58 lire. Some hotels offer a transfer for 20 euros, but a taxi will cost twice as much. You can get from the city to the airport by calling a taxi with that famous button, and from the airport - cars are on duty at the exit from the arrivals hall.

The attitude of the Turks towards homeless animals is of great respect. I have been to Istanbul several times, to Cappadocia, and to Antalya. And everywhere in these places there are a lot of homeless animals - cats and dogs. But it is clear that they are all well-groomed, adults are sterilized, fed. Booths have been set up for them in inconspicuous places in the parks, places for feeding have been equipped. Animals do not annoy anyone here, and do not interfere. True, only Russian-speaking people had to hear negative things in the direction of these poor creatures, who were absolutely not guilty of being on the street.

The parks in Antalya are simply magnificent. Clean, well maintained, equipped with benches overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This is such a special goodness, such a feeling of delight - the sea, the sun, the blue sky, the warmth, fresh greenery, roses in mid-November.
There are many good cafes and restaurants in Antalya. But I want to highlight the bakery-cafe "Antalya Ekmek". The choice of sweets, both traditional Turkish and European, and the bread there is just awesome. Everything is fresh and very tasty. This bakery is very popular with the locals. It is located away from tourist attractions, but it can be found on maps.
in my hotel traditional Turkish breakfast - olives, cheeses, egg, bread, honey, butter, coffee
in my hotel traditional Turkish breakfast - olives, cheeses, egg, bread, honey, butter, coffee
This is a marina in the old town
This is a marina in the old town
Район Калеичи
Район Калеичи
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