Meals on a mountain trip

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Meals on a mountain trip

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Here is a list of foods that I take on trips.

1. Cereals. I take rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, sometimes millet, packaged in special bags. They are quick and easy to cook on the go.
2. Sunflower oil or butter (be sure to pack in a plastic container, otherwise it will spread throughout the backpack).
3. Salo salted, better twisted with seasonings, onions. You also need to carry this wonderful product in a plastic container. And of course, well-salted, otherwise it will go rotten if it is hot.
4. Canned fish, in an amount equal to the number of days of the trip. Fish can be replaced with pleasure with bacon, dried sausage, or stew, whichever you like.
5. Long shelf life cookies.
6. Chocolate (we have a tradition of eating a chocolate bar at the highest point of the day, at the pass, or at the top, such a small encouragement to our loved ones).
7. Dried fruits: raisins, dried apricots, dates, nuts, prunes. They are very high in calories, tasty, and contain a lot of essential vitamins and minerals - a must have for any trip.
8. Concentrated soups, if weight savings are needed. But if the hike is short, then we take a couple of potatoes, carrots, etc., yes, if more mushrooms come across on the way, then a natural camping soup can turn out - you will burst yourself.
9. Bread (you can also dry small crackers, they are lighter than fresh bread, they are convenient and tasty to add to the soup).
10. Dry-cured sausage.
11. Tea. By the way, if you understand herbs, then you can often find thyme, lemon balm, mint in the area where you spend the night in the Carpathians, in the Caucasus.
12. Onions, garlic, herbs.
13. Lemon for tea.
14. Hard cheese, processed cheese - are stored for a long time. Unless the abnormal heat in the first days of the campaign.
15. Boiled eggs can be taken for a change, and devoured in the first days of the journey, they are not stored for a long time.
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